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MilesWeb Managed VPS Hosting: A Great Option to Host Your Blog

in Hosting on April 22, 2020

As a blogger, you’ve definitely heard a broad variety of different words since your blog was launched like Shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server and also VPS. In this article we will talk about MilesWeb Managed VPS Hosting. As you might already know, “Virtual Private Server” is the full form for the term VPS. This form of hosting utilizes the technologies of virtualization to separate one strong server into many virtual servers. Therefore, one computer executes several tasks.

You might assume the separation lowers the server’s capacity and potentially impacts your site. But that’s not what the reality is, it delivers more control at a lower cost than standard shared hosting. Also, the server is reserved for your blog only, so there’s no need to share CPU, RAM, or any other resources with other users on the server.

There are few basic reasons why your blog should be hosted on VPS server. Keep reading this article, if you want to learn how upgrading to a VPS will be beneficial for your blog.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

There are several benefits of VPS over shared hosting services.

1. Cost efficiency

You may think that VPS is an expensive solution but that’s not true. A number of web hosting providers offer cheap VPS hosting solution and this is possible due to the rapid advances of virtualization technologies.

2. Full control of the server

You can have full root access to your server with a VPS, you don’t have to depend on for the permission from your host to make any changes to your sever. For example, in shared hosting, you need to contact your hosting provider for installing any additional software on the server.

The reason is that even single software can impact on the security and performance of the whole server. But this isn’t the case with a VPS server,. As you have a full root access to the server.

3. Increased Security
Shared hosting has a major drawback-one problematic user will impact the whole site. So, till the time that error has been corrected, everything will be impacted. This would trigger your site to crash without you doing something wrong. Since nobody wants their blog to be ruined by other people’s faults or failures, it’s best to go for VPS because it means you have your own server. So this alternative provides greater efficiency and stability.

Choosing your VPS hosting provider

It is important that you choose your VPS hosting provider wisely. Most of the providers claim a lot of things but when it comes to deliver ability, they fail. Thus, while you pick your web host, you must check how reliable they are. To do this, you can check their clients’reviews that are available on the web.

The next thing you need to consider is the features. Thoroughly go through the list of features they are offering and understand what they are offering. Then compare it with other providers offering same VPS hosting.

Now comes the price factor. Don’t choose your VPS provider based on the “price”only. When you compare prices with other providers, also check what all features they are offering. Mostly, a good web hosting provider will offer a wider variety of plans under VPS hosting.So that, you can choose the one that fits your website requirements.

In this post, we will talk about one such provider: MilesWeb. That covers all the advanced features under their VPS plans. MilesWeb mainly offers VPS hosting for two platforms: Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting.

Here is the list of VPS features offered by MilesWeb:

  • Solid-State Drives: All the websites’ files will be stored on servers that are integrated with solid state drives. These drives are extremely fast as compared to traditional hard drives. As a result, the performance of
    your website will be 2x faster.
  • Free VPS Management: Leave all the stressful tasks of managing your server to them. Their team of experts will take care of the complete management of your server. Right from updating, taking backup, monitoring to maintenance.
  • SSH and Root Access: With VPS hosting, you get full root SSH access of your server. With an SSH, you can install any software or application on your server that you need.
  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard: From one single dashboard you can monitor the server load, monitor the memory usage, reboot VPS and manage other configurations.
  • Host Unlimited Sites: Host as many sites as you can. There is no limit for hosting your website online with MilesWeb Managed VPS Hosting plans.
  • Instant Provisioning: Wait no more. Once you place the order and it gets confirmed your VPS server is instantly setup for you.
  • No Setup Fee:No need to pay any additional charges for the setup of your VPS server. Their team will happily set it up for you.

Bottom Line

There are even more reasons why for moving from shared to VPS hosting plan and would be advantageous. Since VPS hosting is cheap and provides greater security than shared hosting, it is the most preferred option that than any other hosting solution. If you have decided to migrate to a VPS server, check out affordable plans offered by MilesWeb Managed VPS Hosting and get set going.

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