Why choosing the right images is important for your website

Why choosing the right images is important for your website

in Presentations on June 13, 2019

Pictures are worth a thousand words, which is why you need to make sure you’re putting up the best ones. Images are what reveal the theme and quality of your website instantly to viewers because it’s what they notice at first glance. The design and layout of your website are what makes the first impression on visitors, and it’s the deciding factor on whether they’ll be visiting again. Without the right images, your website design can come off as unappealing. Using visuals has always been a powerful method for attracting an audience. Therefore, using the right photos is crucial for establishing a quality website. Your focus while building a website should be on finding the right images, and the following reasons can help you in the process:

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Table of Contents

  • Add more power to your message
  • They act as a “visual hook.”
  • Improves the quality of your website
  • Add uniqueness and originality
  • Connect with consumers
  • Reinforce your brand

Add more power to your message

Images and visual aids help to create a lasting impression on your visitors. If you choose the correct type of pictures and combine them with active titles and taglines, it can work wonders to create a powerful message. Visitors will be engaged instantly, and the type of images you use also makes a big difference. Think about visiting a website, only to find out that image placement is sloppy and irrelevant. Would you be revisiting the site? Most like not. You need to find images that work well with the other content on your website. For example, if you own a website selling environment-friendly beauty products, rather than adding a picture of your products with your slogan, you could include an image of trees and forest environments. It’ll instantly make your message more powerful because consumers would be able to relate the use of harmful products with the effects to the trees and forests. This is just one small example of how an image can make a message much more powerful. You can add any strategically thought out images to enhance your message and create more impact.

They act as a “visual hook.”

There’s no question that an image grips the reader right away. Pictures are what we like to call “visual hooks,” which means they work to pull the viewer towards the content. When you first come across a web page, your eyes will be drawn towards the biggest picture. Slowly, your attention will be diverted to other images if there are any. Lastly, you’ll be searching for the reason behind the picture; in other words, the text or message associated with it. After looking at images, your mind automatically begins to wonder what the rest of the content on the page is actually about. This will only work to grab a visitor’s attention if your image is engaging enough. What if your image comes across as boring or irrelevant? The reader won’t be too interested in what the rest of your page has to offer. Chances are, they would have formed their opinion about your website in the first few seconds. That is why it is so necessary you put up the best pictures and find appropriate stock images for your website. Finding the right stock images can be easy when you have the proper resources.

Improves the quality of your website

This is pretty straightforward – pictures add quality to your site. For creating the best quality website possible, you need to make sure you’ve found the best quality images. The quality of your images reflects the quality of your website, which is why it’s crucial that you select good images. A blurry or pixelated image can considerably damage your website’s entire look. It’s a huge disadvantage to your website, but on the other hand, choosing clear and high-quality photos can uplift your entire site. Therefore, it’s essential that you select only the best quality images since low-quality pictures can create a negative impression on visitors.

Add uniqueness and originality

Each image adds an absolute uniqueness to your website. The combination and type of illustrations you use have a significant effect on the overall appearance of your website. The images you choose along with your other content contribute to your website’s uniqueness and originality. Whether you find images through stock photo sources, or you use your own photographs, the uniqueness of your photos can really make your website stand out. You can find unique and innovative stock images from a variety of free stock photo sites for designers. There are so many possibilities when it comes to adding fun and creative images to your website, you have to go with those that complement your content the best.

Connect with consumers

Pictures are a great way to connect with consumers. If your website is selling a product or service, adding the right images can help in turning visitors into customers. While selling a product or service, it’s vital that you add relevant images to your website. You don’t want visitors wondering the entire time what the product or service actually is. The instant people visit your site, they should get a clear idea of what type of service or product you’re offering just by looking at a few pictures. No viewer is going to want to read a ton of information about your company to get to know you. So, if you choose the right image to describe your product or service, not only will it make things much easier for visitors, you’ll be able to connect with them.

Reinforce your brand

If you’re working on establishing your brand through the website, adding the right images is crucial. Marketing and communication strategies found in various businesses revolve chiefly around promoting images, photography, infographics, etc. Choosing the right images to represent your brand is the best choice for creating a strong and lasting impression for your brand. Stock images for marketing purposes are readily available through various sites online.