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in Hosting on April 22, 2020

As a beginner, you must be struggling to understand what reseller hosting means. In this article, we will explain what exactly it means, how it works, how to make money out of it and how you can become a reseller.
Keep reading to get in-depth knowledge about reseller hosting.

How does Reseller Hosting ?

Reseller hosting is the process of buying web hosting server space and selling it to other users. These resources can be provided under your own company name and not the web hosting company’s name, only if your web hosting provider has a white-labeled provision.

You as an account owner are allotted with a specific set of resources such as bandwidth, storage space, RAM, etc. You can utilize these resources to host third party websites under your account. In this case, you become the reseller, as you purchase web hosting services from a parent provider and sell it as your own.

To do this, you will have to create different web hosting packages that can later be assigned to your clients.

How to make money out of it?

Obviously, you can make some profit by setting your own prices for your own plan.As you have purchased web hosting in chunks, you are going to get in cheaper rate. Then it’s totally up to you what prices to set for your plan.

You can relate this example with real life. Imagine a big apartment with several rooms. The owner of this apartment can sell each room of this house separately. You can also call them as ‘paying guests’ that acquire each room. By doing this, the flat owner can rent out the space of his own house and gain some profits.

How can you become a reseller?

Firstly, you will have to choose your web hosting partner that is reliable and powerful.
There are a number of web hosting companies that allow reselling of their web hosting services. You will have to wisely choose one web host because even though they are in the back end, for your customers you are going to be the face, thus it’s essential to choose a web host provider that is trustworthy.

From all the tons of options available, start comparing the ones that are highly rated. Go through their plans and pricing in detail and then compare them with other topmost rated web hosting providers.

The most essential feature to look for is the guarantee of uptime because you don’t want your website to come to a halt even for a minute. Also, look at how they provide technical help round the clock and have the best modes of payment solutions.
Once you decide your provider, it’s time you buy their plans and place an order.

While you choose your web host, you might come across various terms such as Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting. If you belong to the Dubai region and want to host websites on Windows platform then you must search for a provider that offers Windows hosting Dubai plans.
To learn more about reseller hosting watch this video:

Our recommendation- MilesWeb

Now that we have told you so many things about reseller hosting, it’s our responsibility to also recommend you a web hosting provider so that you don’t get confused or later regret about choosing the wrong web host. MilesWeb is into the web hosting industry since 2012. On today’s date, they are one of the well-known names on the Internet when you search for any type of web hosting.

They offer reseller hosting plans at great prices. The platforms that are covered under their reseller hosting are: Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting.
Let’s take a glance at their reseller hosting features:

  • 100% White Labeled Hosting
  • Free Website Builder
  • Datacenter Choice
  • 100% SSD Storage
  • Powered by cPanel/WHM
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • 99.95% Uptime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Reseller
  • One-Click Installer

Other add-ons

MilesWeb offers some additional services under reseller hosting so that you can sell them further to your clients. This will keep your clients happy as well as make you stand out from other competitors.
List of add-ons that you can buy:

  • All in one automation platform- WHMCS
  • Protect emails from spam with Spam Experts
  • Data Cloud Backup Solution
  • Discounted VPS Server Plans
  • Secure Websites with Advanced SSL Certificate and Monitor SSL Certificate
  • Create Automatic Backups for Your Valued Customers

Final words

Reseller hosting is an ideal choice for small businesses as the risk of any losses is generally low. So they can sell their packages and get a sound advantage. If you too are a startup business owner and want to make some profitable income or wish to offer some additional services to your clients, then choose MilesWeb hosting. As they have cost-effective prices with a number of features for you and your clients.

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