WordPress Pages vs Posts

What Is The Difference Between WordPress Pages vs Posts?

in wordpress on April 5, 2021

Most of the beginners at using WordPress are often confused regarding the difference between WordPress pages vs posts. Well, there is a significant difference between both of these components of WordPress.

As a beginner, you might need to work a little bit more on the research to learn the difference between both of these aspects.

But if you are looking for the difference here, you are at the right spot because we have compiled all the information you might need to know regarding the WordPress pages and the WordPress posts.

What Are WordPress Posts?

The WordPress posts are the blog content that you usually post on your website that appears on the blog pages. The WordPress posts will help you with posting the content on your website or your blog very quickly.

You can customize the title and the headings according to your requirement. There are various categories that you can put your content in according to the structure of your website, and you can add tags as well.

These post pages are easy to customize, and there are several plugins also available that enhance the look of the blog.

Moreover, there are social media clickable links available that you can use to share your content on other pages.

The WordPress post is the content page that will allow you to post content on your website without difficulty.

What Are WordPress Pages?

The essential pages can be read easily without any further scrolling. You can find out the WordPress pages on the website very quickly. If you are adding the pages, you will see it in the menu.

Usually, the people are adding pages for contacting us and for About Us pages. You will find out the other categories, including product pages and content pages as well.

The Significant Difference Between WordPress Pages vs Posts

There are several differences that you must know about whenever you are starting a WordPress website. The WordPress pages vs posts are different, and there are a few differences that are discussed below.

  • The WordPress pages are timeless. They are static pages that will stay on the website always. While the WordPress posts are timely. These are the post that you published on your blog, and they will stay on top unless you are not posting any other WordPress post.
  • The next significant difference is that the WordPress post is social. You can easily share them on social media with clickable links. However, when you are considering the WordPress pages, you must keep in mind that they are not shareable and social. The WordPress pages are the component that is important for the website, and you cannot make them social.
  • The next thing that is a significant difference between WordPress pages and posts is that the post appears on the feed. Whereas the pages are not appearing on the feet. These are the pages that you can approach to find by clicking the categories are the menu of the website. However, to check the post, you will have to go to the blog section or the category is where the post is published and then look for the particular post that you are looking for.
  • One last significant difference that you will find when using WordPress is that the pages do not have a publishing date, whereas the post has a publishing date. Whenever you are publishing your post on the blog section or any other category, it will show a particular date and month along with the name of the publisher. However, the pages do not offer the same.

How Many Pages Can You Make On WordPress?

Well, there is no limit to making pages on WordPress websites. However, it is better to keep them between a range of 4 to 5. If you are making many pages on your website, it might lack a little and be a little less responsive, which you do not want.

However, it is always a better choice to have individual pages for each category so that people can easily navigate the website and have their way regarding the particular product they have been looking for.

All so you do not have any limit for the post that you put up on WordPress. You can post hundreds of posts on WordPress without any hassle. Posting on WordPress is easy and can be customized without any trouble.

What Are The Essential Pages That You Must Have On Your WordPress Website?

There is a list of WordPress pages that you must consider making on your website. Firstly you must create an about us page. Apart from that, you must have a contact page, and you must also have a product page.

The blog post page is also significant, where you will post most of your publishing content. There are many other pages, including the privacy and another policy page, that you must have.

Is There Any Other Content-Type That You Can Publish On WordPress Other Than WordPress Pages vs Posts?

Yes, you can always publish other content on your WordPress website, but with that, you will need to have additional plugins. Most people use a woo-commerce plugin to post products and add descriptions regarding them.

This is the content type that you can add regarding the products that people find it easier to learn about the product you know what they are buying.

However, other custom types will enable you to customize your posts and publish them accordingly. However, most people prefer either using the WordPress page as a WordPress post or for the E-commerce website to use commerce for products and their descriptions.

This is the significant difference between WordPress pages vs posts that you must keep in mind. There is a little bit more that you must learn when you are starting your WordPress website.

Check the beginners guide before you finally start using the website.