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Latest B2B E-Commerce Trends For 2024

in Technology on March 18, 2021

In this article, I am going to talk about the latest b2b e-commerce trends for 2024. So keep reading.

2020 has been an exceptional year. We’ve been thrown into the deep end of infection control with social distancing, quarantining, hand sanitiser, and face masks now normal in every country across the globe. Which has made it a year so many people would want to forget in a hurry. The B2B eCommerce industry was also affected by the uniqueness of the year. As such, a lot of adjustments had to be made. So will it be the same thing in 2024? Honestly, with the pandemic still thriving, you might be tempted that things may not change that much.

However, I hate to break it to you – there have been some dramatic changes in the industry! If you are ready to be intimated with the B2B E-Commerce trends for 2024, then tag along and read the rest of the post carefully with keen interest.

Here are the latest b2b e-commerce trends for 2024:

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Digital Transformation

Wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors have all leaned more toward digital transformation since the pandemic struck because it appears to be the only way to sustain the future. Though this may have started as a temporary solution to the many restrictions that came with COVID, it is becoming clearer that these adoptions have to stay. They will not be going away anytime soon from the look of things.

According to a survey, many more businesses are thinking of how to redefine their operations through various digital inputs in 2024. Other impeccable sources have also stated that less than 40% of B2B buyers want to do any person-to-person interactions from now on. Your customer service and professional sales teams have never been more important. They need to be armed with all the possible tech tools that will enable them to deliver a superb experience to customers. Using B2B portals is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers and provide constant support.

Marketplace Opportunities

If you have not already considered this as your priority and strategy for the next months in 2024, you had better do so now. The online marketplace has become a fantastic place where sellers and buyers meet to do business. On such platforms, there are so many people waiting to do business. So you don’t have to tie yourself to anyone. Marketplace platforms are already getting attention from 80% of B2B buyers. Do you see why you cannot afford to be left behind in 2024?

Marketplaces can either be vertical or horizontal. Amazon business provides both options for you. The marketplace has played a significant role in reducing the pressure B2B companies have to experience as the world continues to deal with the coronavirus scourge.

Direct To Customers

Many B2B companies are beginning to appreciate the essence of selling to their customers directly. While they still connect with retailers, wholesalers, and distributors, selling directly to customers has brought a new dimension to business.

The ability to connect with customers explicitly has made it possible for B2B to get certain data and information from their customers. Such data has helped in enhancing their products and improving consumer experience generally.

Some manufacturers are skeptical about this approach though. The argument is that it might jeopardize the long relationship they may have had with their channel partner. But if you look at the data analysis of this approach and what it offers, you might want to give it a shot. The entire distribution network can be improved with this. This is a trend you have to take advantage of in 2024.

Progressive Web Applications

You can expect many more adoptions of progressive web applications in 2024, impacting D2C sales and creating a better B2C crossover effect. Progressive web applications look every inch like mobile applications. But they aren’t the same! They only employ specific technologies that are privy to mobile devices. That makes them easier to update and manage.

Buyers can visit a site, and it can be found on their home screen. It means they do not need to download any application. PWAs are a better way to reach your market faster. They are better than native apps because those go through too much scrutiny before they get approval. These apps are as good as mobile apps. The kind of user experience they offer across all devices is the same and consistent.

E-commerce Integrations

The pandemic has opened up more doors regarding how B2B companies do their business today. During this period, these companies have gone on to integrate with customers via APIs. Distributors and manufacturers are now able to provide their retailers and customers with business updates, supply chain info, and other related details.

With these recent integrations, customers can now place their orders from a variety of platforms. From native mobile applications to progressive web applications, customers can transact their businesses with great ease. This trend shows signs of continuing shortly. The best thing you can do is to tag along and take advantage of the trend.

New Payment Gateways

Customers’ satisfaction is key to the success of any business you can think of. The B2B industry is not immune to this business rule. That is why new payment gateways are being introduced and adopted. The stakeholders are doing everything they can to eliminate any bottlenecks that may be making life difficult for their customers.

Consequently, in 2024 the best B2B companies are already doing all they can to raise the standard in terms of payment options. They will need to expand their payment gateways so virtually all their customers can be accommodated. Parameters like processing, charges, payment delays, and others will need to be made better for seamless transactions. You need more payment options if you want to remain relevant before your customers in 2024.


With just two months down the line, the year is looking good for several B2B companies that have adjusted accordingly. What started as a pandemic nightmare has only helped the industry to grow in leaps and bounds. It all boils down to identifying current trends and taking advantage of them. The year is still fresh, so you can start with all the trends that were listed in this post to move your business forward. Adopt these B2B E-Commerce trends, and watch your sales skyrocket in 2024.

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