Voice Search for Content Marketing

How effective is Voice Search for Content Marketing?

in Technology on April 2, 2020

Voice search for content marketing is becoming one of the fastest-growing technologies enabling the internet world. This is because of the availability of digital assistants on smartphones and other gadgets. According to a January 2018 research, there are a billion voice searches every month. This number will surpass its benchmark every year as people quickly adopt the technology.

Digital assistants like Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa are also making significant contributions to SEO and molding the industry anew. These technologies are perceived to go beyond voice input, transforming themselves to understand specific user behavior through artificial intelligence. It would empower businesses allowing them to take action and sustain advancements.

SEO Consultant Liam Ridings suggests that advances to voice technology will empower businesses and allow them to take action and sustain advancements.

In the meantime, voice search is a mobility capacity, rapidly becoming part of everyone’s lives. It tends to be locally focused because it is embedded in most of the mobile apps and gadgets we use. Digital assistants are also expanding their horizons, becoming integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) technology for home and business use.

Importance of SEO for Your Business and the Impact of Voice Search

Unlike a general internet search, a voice search involves a different algorithm and requires specific rules and schema markup. Google Voice is also an upcoming feature that is only available for news articles, and its expansion is not far off. These technologies combined will create a powerful tool for businesses as internet users will be able to access information faster.

The advent of smartphones and the availability of digital assistants have impacted SEO efforts for quite a few years. SEO is an integral part of content marketing, and its effects on the industry are undeniable. This impact is felt not only on the tone and syntax of most of our content but also in how it is becoming more conversational.
Evolving your business voice and making it more in tune with the latest requirements of the search engine is one priority to undertake not only for business owners but for developers.

Today’s framework does not only integrate your style of writing and what you should write about but makes them relevant for voice searches count.

Reasons Why You Need Voice SEO for Your Business

There are a lot of reasons to adopt voice search into your website, aside from its role in helping your business rank the SERP. Embracing the power of tools like digital assistants entails inducing several changes to meet the requirements needed for its capacity. Voice searches are entirely different because it requires an overhaul of your website and your marketing content.

For example, searching for the “best brunch restaurant in New York” would require you to type it in a computer while voice searches would have different formatting. For the digital assistant to understand your query, you’d have to ask it a complete and particular question like, “Which restaurant in New York offers the best brunch?”
Voice queries are longer and more precise than text queries with about three or five keywords. They tend to be in the form of specific questions starting with who, what, why, when, where, or how.

Drive better Organic Traffic to Your Website

The industry proves that more than 75% of your web traffic stems from an effective SEO campaign. While Google’s voice search algorithm is still in its early development stage to include all other industries, the fact cannot be undermined that it addresses the current needs of most internet users.

It has a massive effect on the convenience of the internet and proves vital for optimization processes. Optimizing your content marketing to accommodate Google’s voice search is the right way of getting on the lead before the SEO schema is fully implemented to include all industries. There is still lower competition, and staying on top would mean getting massive traffic on your website.

Organic traffic is a good measure of quality ranking as it demonstrates an effective SEO strategy. And although improving your current website entails a little overhead, it does not compare to your website’s improved performance and prospects for success.

Voices Searches Build More Trust & Credibility

Content marketing is part of the essential SEO you need to get your website to the top of the SERP. Creating quality writing with all the required semantics will allow your visitors to stick longer. This relates to better sales and higher conversion rates because your website visitors tend to stay glued to what you are offering.
In today’s digital environment, mobility is a critical concept in the online industry and factors user experience. By providing your site visitors with SEO strategies like voice-enabled searches, you are not only providing sound improvements to your website but bettering your rankings.

It is important to note that the expanding implementation of Google with new algorithms is one way of building trust and credibility online. Such tools are meant to siphon these requirements so you gain better visibility. In all senses, it is aptly right to devote your time investing in your website’s improvements and this includes a content marketing guide and enabling the voice search capacity of your website.

Content Marketing Helps Build Brand

One right marketing approach to building a brand is content marketing because it allows you to focus on your offerings. Such a strategy allows you to create and share valuable content that attracts prospects and converts them into customers.
The concept of voice searches is to make your website more accessible to a broader audience because of voiced results. It will not require your prospective customers the need to type information, but instead, get their result inquiries using their voices.
The goal of having content marketing:

  • Appeal to new visitors
  • Generate leads
  • Increase possible email leads
  • Create a visage of expertise

With new algorithms to replenish the existing SE requirements, voice searches are not only paving a whole new concept for the internet. It is allowing your business to build a relationship built on trust leading to higher sales.

SEO is a long-term Strategy

The connection between SEO, content marketing, and voice searches has a streamlined depth in today’s marketplace. Content marketing directly impacts how your voice searches become visible, and both are components of what any SEOs should include.

On the other hand, SEO is a long-term strategy to keep your business afloat. It helps you remain visible to your customers and generate prospects that increase your viability for success. Google has a complex and continuously changing algorithm that needs to be followed, and updating your website to include voice searches is one right way of keeping up with the demands. Hiring an SEO Agency helps in providing long-term strategy and keeping your business growing.

Voice Searches Attracts Relevant Traffic & High Conversion Potential

The increasing use of voice assistants means it is becoming a critical part of optimizing your website which directly relates to conversion rates. Still, Google has not yet fully implemented the technology. It is currently supporting news articles but with the prospects of expanding the service to include every industry as possible.
Existing websites can revamp their coding to include this type of SEO schema. Voice search implementation is a natural step to staying relevant online. It would help you grow your business and deliver valuable services to your clients.

Focusing on your website’s featured snippets, including long-tail keywords with a conversational voice tone, and boosting your page’s loading times to make it mobile-responsive are some of the ways to get your website to the top of Google’s SERP.

Attracting relevant traffic and obtaining a high-conversion potential is one of the ultimate goals for enhancing your website’s capacity. It makes your site more accessible and gives it a conversational mien for a better customer experience.

Agile Content Marketing is a Cost-Effective Strategy

Content marketing is an excellent technique to harness the power of your website. It almost removes all the other conventional strategies of handing out marketing materials. With the upcoming inclusion of voice searches in the Google search engine, any local brand will get its share of optimization with localized search results.

Agile content marketing powered by voice search also mitigates risks by systematically increasing the value of your campaigns. A return on your asset is not only worth the reason for investing in such a technique, but it also lessens the risks involved during the creative processes.

Crafting conversational ads provide your customers with relatable messages that enable the voice search technology of Google. This coincides with the fact that 30% of your entire marketing budget is placed in creating quality content and that 70% of your content is never utilized.

SEO Enable Social Media Sharing

Social sharing is the easiest way to increase website performance and probably one of the best management tools for any modern business. It has all the engagement facilities, from creating and publishing quality content to powerful analytics and reporting tools. These essential tools are required for streamlining your workflow processes and helping you save time on content reach.

Google’s voice search facility ensures your website stays afloat and reaches the right prospects at the right time. There are different social media sites, each offering their unique ways of presenting your content.
Digital and social media presence are two essential components of modern business. One cannot go without the other, and a market devoid of both has a lesser chance of dominating its business niche. Social sharing is a critical marketing tool that often becomes an enabler for success.

SEO Brings New Opportunities for Your Business

SEO does not limit itself to several keywords that need targeting. This is true especially for voice-enabled searches as they tend to become more conversational. Your brand’s voice is the core of your business’ character, providing your audience with a specific familiarity with your business.

In such a way that it provides you with better chances of business survival, you are presented with better opportunities for keeping your brand growing and shining. Ranking for branded keywords means you have an increased chance of giving your products and services a better chance to stay afloat in the SERP. It also boosts the probability of your stakeholders, showing more interest in what your brand is offering.

Accommodating the Shifting Needs of Internet Users

The inclusion of a new SEO schema, voice search, is an unavoidable improvement to accommodate the current needs of the people. The availability of smartphones and other gadgets supporting voiced searches makes this new SE algorithm a vital and upcoming component to include in your website development.

It is imperative to understand in the online world that better content is equivalent to more leads and better ranking results. This is vital for most small-to-medium businesses as the internet and website development are relatively cheaper compared to other marketing means.

Consequently, content marketing has been proven to sustain your website’s ranking stop. It helps you reach broader audiences and positively showcases your products and services. Voice search, on the other hand, is an offshoot of the conventional method of looking for information online.

It helps you identify your audiences, target an effective marketing campaign, and makes your voice relatable to your customers. Implementing voice search capacities to your website is not as demanding as you might think.
Just a couple of tweaks on your voice tone to make your content appear more conversational, adding snippets to your SEO schema, and optimizing your website’s load times to accommodate mobile devices will work.

Nonetheless, Google’s voice search capacity is still limited to current news and events. Voice search optimization is also currently limited to voice-interface platforms, which do not show transparency results to what people are searching for.


As the change of the generation is moving to VSO, we will see more improvements in voice search and how businesses are implementing content marketing. This would generate more innovations like Google’s looming Speakable tool, which allows news publishers to markup portions of their articles so the search engine can read them aloud to a site visitor.

The efficacy of the internet to harness the most innovative conveniences prove vital in today’s business environment. Being at par with the latest improvements will allow you to leverage better success through the potency of implementations.
As such, voice searches and content marketing go hand-in-hand as they both have the potency to provide you with all the essential needs of a top-rating website.

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