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7 Best Free Text To Speech Converter Tools In 2024

in Technology on March 2, 2022

Hey guys, are you looking for the best free text to speech converter tools? If yes, then keep reading this article.

With advanced technology, many Texts to speech converter tools are emerging. Texts to speech converter tools are technological speech synthesis apps that read digital and written data audibly.

They are very useful for those who are visually impaired or have learning disabilities such as dyslexia. These tools are also helpful for those who are learning new languages.

Furthermore, Text-to-speech tools offer a medium to read textual documents through computers and provide a high level of comfort to the readers both for professional and personal uses.

Also, narration with a human voice makes audiences emotionally connected with textual content. Besides this, text-to-speech tools have several other uses too. They are best for both professional and personal use.

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List of The Best Free Text To Speech Converter Tools:

1. NaturalReader

2. Text-To-Speech Tool


4. iSpeech


6. Nuance TTS

7. Naturaltts

1. NaturalReader


We are opening our list with the NaturalReader. It is a powerful free text-to-speech converter tool that provides excellent speed and accuracy.

NaturalReader also lets you toggle regular font with dyslexia font. And you can adjust the text size too.

Furthermore, You can use unlimited voice in any one language for free. NaturalReader supports many formats such as pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, .epub, .ods, .odt, .ppt, .pptx, png, jpeg, etc.

Premium plan of NaturalReader lets you access more natural voices, including Swedish. In NaturalReader, both Playback and downloadable mp3s are available.



2. Text-To-Speech Tool

Text-To-Speech Tool

Text-To-Speech Tool is another free text to speech converter tool. I personally like this tool due to its simple feature-packed interface.

Also, Text-To-Speech Tool provider voices from well-established services Amazon and Microsoft, hence it offers a better quality output mp3.

Furthermore, this powerful tool supports 18+ languages. However, all the languages have varying numbers of free voices. For instance, you get 16 voices from Amazon and 12 from Microsoft in the English language.

In addition to this, Text-To-Speech Tool also lets you adjust the volume, rate, and pitch of the voice and downloadable mp3s are available.



3. is another great free text to speech converter tool similar to the above tool Text-To-Speech Tool. It has lots of features identical to the Text-To-Speech Tool.

Furthermore, can speak more than 40 languages with different voices. In, you get playback options such as volume, speed, and pitch adjustment.

In addition to this, you can convert your text into speech up to 300 characters at a time only.

To use this tool, just copy-paste or type your text in the text box, select voice, volume, speed, and pitch, complete the Recaptcha, and your speech file is ready to be heard.



4. iSpeech


The text to speech converter tool that lands on our list is iSpeech. iSpeech offers over 20+ languages in both male and female voice versions free of cost.

Its interface is simple to use and provides lots of functionality through it. IN iSpeech, voices are pompous and robotic, which is expected in free TTS text to speech converter tools.

To use iSpeed, type your text in the text box, select language, select between male or female voices, adjust audio speed, and hit the play button.

Also, you can download your converted mp3 file.





Free TTS is another great tool for text-to-speech conversion. With Free TTS, you can convert up to 5,000 characters at a time into speech mp3s.

In addition to this, this powerful free TTS tool offers over 25+ languages. However, most of them are limited to between 1 and 4 voices each.

In Free TTS, voice quality is more natural than average free tools, and the best part is you can choose between 13 voices in English.

The only downside of this tool is you are limited to just 6,000 characters per week in the free version. If you want more characters, you have to buy its paid plan.

Otherwise, it is a great free text to speech converter tool.



6. Nuance TTS

Nuance TTS

We are opening our list with the Nuance TTS. It is a powerful AI-based text-to-speech converter tool that provides superior speed and accuracy.

Nuance TTS runs on geographically scattered data centers and supports HIPAA requirements crucial for higher privacy and protection in public sector settings.

In addition to this, Nuance TTS offers 256-bit data encryption for better data security.

Nuance TTS uses a HITRUST CSF-certified infrastructure of Microsoft Azure for hosting. Furthermore, this powerful tool offers cloud-hosted solutions that let you sync the data across your devices.

This way, you will get exceptional flexibility even when combined with other cloud solutions such AS Office 365. Therefore, it is vastly used by various professions.



7. Naturaltts


The last TSS tool included in our list is Naturaltts. Naturaltts offers a powerful yet simple, intuitive dashboard that lets you use unlimited free voices.

This tool lets you convert 5000 characters in only one of the six free languages at a time only.

Also, these six free languages are available, with four U.S. English voices, three British English voices, and two-three each for French, Castilian Spanish, Italian, and German.

Furthermore, this tool gives you the option to play your converted mp3 file directly on its interface, or you can download your file and play it later.




As some of you already know, the best commercial text-to-speech online tools are not entirely free. However, it is not always essential for you to pay for AI-generated voices. You can try the above-mentioned tools.

Some of these free text to speech converter tools offer natural AI-generated voices in different languages entirely.