Cost To Create A WhatsApp-Style App In 2024

in Android on April 20, 2023
Create A WhatsApp-Style App

Create your own free instant messaging app.

Today, humans tend to be near their mobile phones and public Wi-Fi networks, so it is not surprising that we receive SMS from banks the majority of the time. Still, we also use a variety of messengers to communicate with our friends. The most well-known of all of them is WhatsApp. According to Statista, 1 billion people use it monthly across the globe. It now controls 34% of the market for chat apps.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is the most widely used app in 109 nations worldwide. How much does it cost to create WhatsApp and how much does it cost to app development?

Ergo, the answer is that you can create your own free instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp. To understand how to read.

Features of a WhatsApp-Like App

The cost of your app will increase as the number of features increases.  Create a plan incorporating all the features and functionalities you desire for your instant messaging app based on that. The features you want in your mobile app will determine how much it will cost to mobile app development a WhatsApp-like app. Therefore, it’s crucial that you invest some time in learning about your needs and objectives for the app.

You might want to consider including the following features in your WhatsApp clone app.

SMS Text Messages

Users of your app will be able to chat with one another via the instant messaging feature. One of the main features you’d want to include in your app when building an instant messaging one is instant messaging. Since you want a messaging app comparable to WhatsApp, you should probably have the capability to search for and contact users by their phone number, necessitating contact list access.

You can enable the messaging app so that users can exchange more than just text, such as images, videos, audio, and so forth. You might think about incorporating WhatsApp’s ability to share contacts, locations, and other things into your own app. Additionally, you’ll need a dedicated, highly secure server to hold backup files as well as to temporarily store user messages.


Similar to the phone’s standard calling feature, WhatsApp also offers a calling option, but VoIP is used to enable users to make calls over the internet or data rather than traditional phone lines. You can borrow the concept from WhatsApp and other VoIP apps like Viber if you want to give your instant messaging app a calling feature. This service is free and doesn’t charge the user anything, just like messaging. However, in order to use the WhatsApp calling feature, a user’s phone must be connected to the internet.

A User Panel

The area of your app that users can see and interact with is the user panel or interface. You should only work with hire android developers with a lot of experience creating user-friendly mobile app interfaces. Build a top-notch user panel to encourage more interaction and traffic.

The following features should be added to your app’s user panel:


The app will call or send an SMS to confirm the mobile number. An option to sign up for an account on the app enables new users to do so by providing their mobile numbers.

User Profile:

Users can view their profiles, update their photos and statuses, etc., here. Similar to WhatsApp, there will be a section for user profiles.

Contact List:

The user must allow access to their contact list in order to initiate a new chat. Only contacts who have already downloaded the app will be on the list. This contact list will then be displayed in a separate tab in the app.


Users must have the option to modify their privacy settings, allowing or disabling the ability for other users to view their profile pictures, updates, etc. Privacy should be a top priority for developers when creating instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Set chat wallpaper, view chat history, group chats, and other advanced User Panel options and features are all things you might want to think about including in your app.

Admin Panel

As the developer and owner of your WhatsApp-like app, you must have a separate Admin Panel that you can use to manage the app’s design, users, backups, security, privacy settings, embedded analytics, and reporting, among other things.

Push Notifications:

This feature enables you to send critical notifications, alerts, and other messages to app users via push technology. As a result, the user will receive the message directly as a notification on their phone.

How Much It Will Cost To Create A WhatsApp-Style App?

That has a lot of potential answers and is kind of a relative question. Depending on the features and functionalities you want in the app, the cost of developing an app like WhatsApp can be extremely high or not so high.

You can therefore imagine how much it would cost to create a WhatsApp-like app. You should also be aware that WhatsApp (the company) did not arise overnight. Did you know that in 2014, Facebook paid a whopping $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp?

The original WhatsApp, which debuted in 2009, has greatly changed and evolved into the WhatsApp we see today.

You can always create your own distinctive instant messaging app that is inspired by WhatsApp and has features that are similar to WhatsApp for a small business or startup. When compared to the cost of developing WhatsApp, this will be much less expensive.

Realistically, unless you are an enterprise with sizable funds to support such a large project, it is neither feasible nor affordable to build an app exactly like WhatsApp.

You can draw inspiration from other messenger platforms and apps that are comparable to them. These include WeChat, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and more. The best app development company can help you to reduce some costs.

Generally speaking, the cost to develop an app that is comparable to WhatsApp can range from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the features and complexity.


You must already have a very good idea of how much it would cost to create your own WhatsApp-like app.

In order to more accurately determine the estimated cost of your app, be sure to thoroughly analyze your goals and expectations and develop a detailed plan that includes all the features and options you want to include.

Get in touch with app development companies if you want more specific information about how much it costs to develop an app or if you want to talk to an expert about your app idea.

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