Best Time To Post On Instagram

Key Takeaways About The Best Time To Post On Instagram

in Instagram on December 2, 2021

Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss the key takeaways about the best time to post on Instagram. So keep reading.

In the past several years, small businesses and influencers have managed to find a safe harbor for all things that used to be hosted on their websites: Instagram.

As the multimedia-focused social network expanded to now include around one billion monthly active users, so did the opportunities the network provided for all those who thought Google AdSense and other outdated marketing platforms were too expensive.

The Great Migration To Instagram

One after another, businesses and individuals switched their main platform to communicate with their audience from a simple website and an occasional Google Ad to Instagram and have in that way revolutionized the way businesses grow and expand their users.

With a plethora of options to choose from, you can use photos, videos, sponsored content, stories, reels, and the shoutout exchange to expand your circles of followers.

The First Instagram Tweak – Hashtags

As this was not enough, Instagram giants soon started gathering tens of millions of users. Inspired by this, many individuals and marketeers started investigating the behavior of Instagram users and the platform’s algorithms.

The small tweaks that have been found, in the way that hashtags can be optimized and better localized even, had an accumulative effect and the inter-niche application led to significant growth of many channels.

Nowadays, it is no surprise to see a cooking Instagram feed with 1M+ users and the same goes for renewables, high-tech, veganism, and as many different niches as you could name.

With the boost given by hashtag optimization fading as time passes, the next wave of Instagram tips and tricks seems to focus on the best time to post on Instagram.

The Second Instagram Tweak – Posting Times

It may seem counter-intuitive to be posting on Instagram at specific times during the day. While it may hold true that Instagram algorithms take the content they deem most relevant and present it, instead of presenting that same content chronologically, tweaks in the time you post could boost your exposure.

Every new view is an opportunity for a new follower and a better engagement rate, so let’s dive right in and explore our options to see what the best time to post on Instagram is.

Since Instagram opens up the world to you, speaking of the best time to post on Instagram may be a futile attempt. After all, you could live and work in France, while the majority of your Instagram followers may be from the USA or China.

To get to know your audience the best, try the TrustMyPaper and have them do a small habits research on your target audience. The 6+ hours of a difference are not a small one and has to be taken into account, as well as the cultural differences. All this should say there is more to Instagram timing than might meet the eye:

  1. Your Location vs. Your Followers’ Location,
  2. Your Instagram Content-Type and the Best Time to Post on Instagram,
  3. The Best Time to Post Different Kinds of Instagram Content,
  4. Instagram Best Post Time Experiments and
  5. The Majority is Always Right.


Best Time To Post On Instagram Breakdown

Your Location vs. Your Followers’ Location

Your location and your followers’ location do not necessarily need to be the same. While local businesses, cafés, restaurants, etc.

Might be an exception to this rule, in a majority of cases, your audience does not have to live in the same area as you do. Celebrities, the automotive industry, and influencers are all painfully aware of this fact.

To best understand how location affects your best Instagram post time, you should head over to Instagram Analytics (available on any Instagram business profile) and find the information about where your followers may come from.

Then, think of the local time zone for the country your followers mostly come from. Being able to adjust your posting to their time zone will bring some boost to your exposure and interactions.

Your Instagram Content Type And The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Instagram offers the possibility of adding as many types of multimedia as you may need for most of your needs. Photos, videos, reels, and stories work together to create an ecosystem of content that is suited to your needs.

You may need to investigate what type of content suits your niche the best. Lucky for you, SupremeDissertations can do just this.

After you’ve decided on your research question, contact these amazing guys and see what they have to say about your niche. Some of their findings may surprise you.

The Best Time To Post Different Kinds Of Instagram Content

Furthermore, the niche that you are in can also dictate the best day and time to post. While educational profiles can see the best post day on Friday, more business-like professions can see Monday and Saturday as their savior days.

Instagram’s engagement is usually the highest on Wednesday and Friday mid-morning, as well as Saturday nights.

If you are in the entertainment niche, the story may be entirely different. Many influencers try to use Sunday as a booster day since this is the day when Instagram suffers from a significant down inactive users number.

Being able to keep your audience’s engagement on this day can add valuable engagement points and boost your Instagram growth.

Instagram Best Post Time Experiments

After a while of using the above-mentioned advice, you will begin to notice that there is a glass ceiling to how fast you can grow your Instagram channel.

Unless you’ve managed to crack Instagram code in one way or another, you may begin to notice that your growth slows down. This is the ideal time to start with your own experiments. There are several steps to successful engagement experiments on Instagram:

  1. Understand your audience and their daily life,
  2. Understand the times they may engage with Instagram,
  3. Assume their behavior – when they are most likely to interact with your content. Is it the morning, the evening, or late night?
  4. Start posting at that particular time of the day – and follow the results. Again, Instagram Analytics is the best tool for this.
  5. Once you’ve found your best time to post on Instagram, stick to it!

Although it may be difficult to stick to a regular posting schedule, there are online tools that can help you with this. Later and Buffer are amazing Instagram platforms that may make or break your posting regularity.

The Majority Is Always Right

If you find yourself with virtually no time to dedicate to your own Instagram experiments, you may want to consider simply following what the majority of users do: posting at times predetermined as best:

  • Monday – 5AM – 9AM,
  • Tuesday – 6AM – 10AM,
  • Wednesday – 6 AM – 10 AM,
  • Thursday – 5 AM – 9 AM,
  • Friday – 6 AM – 10 AM,
  • Saturday – 6AM – 10AM,
  • Sunday – 6AM – 10AM.


Final Thoughts

Instagram is a very powerful tool, and being able to understand the way it works can bring significant well-being to your online community.

Knowing when to post and what type of content is best suited to your audience is a sure way to keep your followers and up your engagement.

Follow our advice for the best, personalized advice on what the best time to post on Instagram is.