How to increase Instagram story views

in Social Media on June 11, 2019

Instagram story is not only a fun way to engage the audience but also more story views give you a number of likes, comments, and shares. Undoubtedly, Instagram stories have no rival out there on the social media landscape. But you can’t leverage this great feature if you don’t have a hefty amount of views. Don’t fret, today we‘ll discuss how to increase more Instagram story views. Let’s get into it!


Table of content:

  • Go live
  • Share subtitled story videos
  • Share content unrelated to your brand
  • The share teaser video on Facebook & Twitter
  • Add call to actions
  • Create a story with layers

Go Live:

Instagram allows you to replay your live video for 24 hours and get notify your followers once you go live (if they turn on notification). These are great features that help you to get more views. You have noticed that when you open your Instagram app then you can see live stream pop up at Instagram story section at the top of your screen.

Share Subtitled story Videos:

People are more likely to watch videos without sound on their phones. They prefer to watch visuals only. So it is better to share subtitled video on your Instagram story. That way, people who watch the video with no audio can’t skip your video story.

Share Content Unrelated to Your brand:

People go on Instagram for entertainment; they don’t want to hear about their services, brand promotions and products. So try to share interesting content that entertains your audience, get engage with your Instagram page and compels them to view your future stories on Instagram. You can share Inspiring quotes, real-life stories, and humorous content with people.

Share Teaser Videos on Facebook & Twitter:

If you want to get more eyes on your content then take advantages of your other social profiles too. Create a teaser of your next story video and share it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles and ask your followers to watch the full video, check my Instagram story. It is a great strategy to get not only a number of views but also to give you more followers as well.

Add call to actions:

Adding call to actions is a much-utilized function to drive more eyeballs. Add call to action to your stories like ‘see more’ and add your Instagram post link or blog post to give your audience a great experience within the Instagram. This is a great Instagram story feature that you should always use with every post.

Create a story with layers:

People always love to see unique and interesting content. Try to enhance the user’s experience by unique story building. You can create an Instagram story with layers to get more Instagram followers. First of all, make a story and save it as an image. Then use this image from the starting point for the next story part and add on to it. Then save the image and add it again and continue the process. This way, people can see each part of your Instagram story discretely before viewing the overall look of your story. This unique story building helps you to get more Instagram story views.

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