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9 Backlinking Strategies For SEO That You Need To Know

in SEO on March 24, 2022

Hey guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss the top 9 backlinking strategies for SEO that you need to know. So keep reading.

What Is Link Building?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the optimization of your website for search engines to drive more organic traffic towards your website. It is difficult to gain SEO success because it is time-consuming and tricky.

Having a good SEO strategy/techniques and knowing what works are fundamental for the success of your website. Link building is one of the effective ways to put your website on the grid.

Link building is done by getting hyperlinks to a website that you own. This works for search engine algorithms because getting links to your website is similar to getting “votes”. The more “votes” your website has, the higher your domain authority will be.

Google utilizes these links by “crawling” and searching for new content. Here’s how it happens:

  1. The Google algorithm “crawls” a website and discovers a link.
  2. This link is put into a database of discovered websites.
  3. When a user uses the search engine, these “discovered websites” pop up by their relevance.

The higher your domain authority, the higher on this list your website will be, making it easier for users to discover your website!

The “Backlink”

Backlinking is one of the link-building strategies that SEO specialists use. The goal is to get more web pages to share links back to your website.

Remember, Google uses links as factors for its algorithm. Having relevant backlinks to your page would help your domain get a higher ranking on search engines.

So how do we get backlinks?

It’s not as simple as asking another website to publish your link onto theirs. So we’ve got some tips for you to increase your website visibility by practicing the best link-building strategies that link-building professionals use.

Our 9 Backlinking Strategies

Need a little help with building links for your website? Here are some of our tips for you:

1. Make Authentic, Shareable Content

The content you put your links in is crucial to your audience. Having authentic content will keep readers fascinated by your article.

This allows them to read through the whole piece. If readers aren’t interested in your writing, they would leave even before they reach your embedded links.

Write something that they would want to know about. Getting them to read through the whole thing allows them to discover your links.

If they find it interesting enough, they might even share your content, allowing more people to discover your website.

Having great content also makes way for one-way link building. This is an organic way of link building where other sites will link to your site without you needing to give them backlinks.

Making and sharing content is considered one of the best link-building strategies that you can employ in your website.

2. Avoid Using Links At Random

Make sure the links you use are helpful. We may be tempted to insert random links for the sake of site linking, but this will be ineffective.

Readers will click on links because they are curious about the topic you are writing about. If they are redirected to a website that’s not relevant to what they are looking for, they will end up disappointed.

Insert links related to your article which will redirect them to other sites that will help them learn more about the topic.

3. Embed Your Links In Relevant Content

Embed your links in content that your readers are interested in. A long hyperlink will not be effective. It does not look pleasing or natural when placed into an article as-is.

Embedding your link into related content justifies the existence of your link. When you get a reader curious enough, they may be driven to click on your links for extra resources.

4. Use Descriptive Anchor Text

Closely related to tip number 3, we need to use descriptive anchor text.

Your anchor text must give readers a glimpse into the website you are referring them to. If you present them with a link embedded into a random word, chances are they would not give your link attention. They want to know more about your topic.

Having your link in vague anchor text is not as appealing as finding it in a descriptive text that makes them curious about it.

5. Don’t Use More Than One Link To Your Site

Remember how Google views links as votes of confidence? Well, imagine what it would look like if you vote for yourself. That would be how search engines view your page when you link to your site.

It may be tempting to link to your content so that you can get your readers to roam your site some more. But it is inadvisable to do so as this would not make your site look good in the algorithm.

6. The Higher The Link, The Better

Place your links higher in the article. Imagine you own a store. Where would you place the products you want to sell? In front. This is the same for links that you want to get noticed.

Placing it higher in your article assures that your readers would notice and see it right away. The Google algorithm also crawls your webpage’s code from top to bottom. Don’t place your links at the foot of your article. This does not catch the attention of your reader.

7. Link To High-Quality Domains

Having a reliable article is important but so is having reliable references. Linking to other high-quality domains will help your article to be trusted by your readers. This will drive more writers, readers, and websites to your site.

Strategies to earn backlinks are not only limited to the content you write. Our next tips are not related to content on your website but other practices you can do to earn more links to your site!

8. Broken Link Building

There will be articles on the web that link to websites that no longer exist. This is where you can come in. You may look for outdated web pages that used to post content similar to yours and find articles that link to them.

These articles are using outdated links and are of no use to the page owners and readers. You may contact these web pages and inform them that you have related content that they can use instead!

9. Guest Posting

Lastly, you may opt for guest posting. Having repetitive articles on your blog page will not look good. You can look for other pages that you can guest post on and write articles on your niche.

These websites will usually allow guest posts to insert links to their company website. When doing so, you can provide the webpage and its readers with fresh content and refer them to your website at the same time.


Being genuine is the key to making good content. With good content, your readers are sure to come. Just keep in mind these few tips of backlinking strategies to help you with your backlinking journey!