Top 15 Free WordPress Directory Themes (WDT) For Entrepreneurs

in wordpress on March 22, 2023
Free WordPress Directory Themes

WordPress clients are mostly not web developers or programmers. Nevertheless, many people begin to use WordPress without any background knowledge of custom fields or website designs.

WordPress is the right choice for understanding the non-technology industry, as you can choose from thousands of free web templates (themes). For almost any website (whether a blog, a business Website, or an online shop), there’s a perfect WordPress theme somewhere.

What to expect from a WordPress Directory Theme?

WordPress themes are easy to adapt because many have their colors switchboard, upload icons, adjust the background, create beautiful sliders, and genuinely tailor them according to your needs. Here’s what to expect while choosing a WordPress Directory Theme.

1. Key features and functionality

Consider the various features and functionality your website needs while you are looking for themes. An e-commerce webpage, for example, requires the implementation of shopping cart plugins. But a good landing page model would be beneficial for a business theme.

2. End-user ratings and reviews


Reviews of past and current participants will provide insights into every theme, including its advantages and disadvantages. Although you should not take every survey as the literal truth. But these reviews help in making your decision while deciding your theme.

Top 15 Free WordPress Directory Themes

There are many directory themes with WordPress plans, but we have selected fifteen of the best free themes to point you in the right direction. No matter if you are a big business or a first-time consumer, there’s something for you to improve your time management and effort.



It is much simpler than you think to kick off your directory website. You must first be aware that extensive web development and layout experience is not needed in the actual implementation of such a site. Yes, even as a newbie, a competent and sophisticated directory or web listing service is still open to you. There, however, is a limit.

You have to use a tool to make your work as simple as it appears. And Divi is one of those alternatives. With a wide range of predetermined designs and components, this flexible and responsive web design is improved. In this way, when you create a website, you don’t even have to start from scratch.

For your ease, Divi gets rid of most of your work. Besides, you’ll also find a site builder for drag and drop if you want further changes and improvements. Without actually touching software, apparently. Start with Divi to ensure your goal and get hit in the online world.

2. Jevelin


If you wish to start a directory or list a website, you do not need to spend large sums of money. All you need is a rich feature and a plugin, and you are set to go. Here, Jevelin enters the picture.

In a nutshell, there are a lot of features and options that this product provides. Right from the start, you have a remarkable set of 30+ samples, all imaginative, classical, and pleasing. You’ll get all of them in one package, including home and internal page templates.

Besides, Jevelin also includes over 40 quick-integration and configuration fully prepared shortcodes. When it comes to configuration, you can precisely adjust Jevelin’s samples to your taste through the WPBakery Drag & Drop Site Builder.

Last but not least, each Jevelin client also gets the possibility to chat with the support team and video tutorials.

3. Direo


Direo is a fantastic directory with a modern look and an all-around application listing solution. You can create a general or a directory for options at your disposal after creating the feature by using Direo.

If you want to name a list of restaurants, famous tourist sites, cinemas, stores, galleries, and coffee shops, you can initiate your ventures with Direo, and that too easily and quickly. Although Direo tends to keep relatively simple and easy to use, it still has excellent features.

Direo can support limitless custom fields, upload files, fantastic monetization functionality, advanced search functions, and incorporate OpenStreetMap.

A few others worth considering include loads of plugins, front-end submission listing type, King Composer site creator, SEO-friendliness, and WooCommerce plugin support. Direo is the solution for you in a specific web layout that focuses on folders and lists.

4. Travello


Travello is a modern, safe, and smart travel listing platform that allows people to find new destinations that haven’t yet visited. Every journey and adventure now starts online. It is the portal that shows the dates accessible and opens up an entirely new range of options.

You can find places that you might not even know existed while exploring a website. You can create a page that will do precisely that with Travello. This template is right in the grasp of your hand. All you need to do is use it. You can apply it to your branding and content and build and run a functional website as soon as possible.

Home, data, and communication pages are built for you to get stuff off the ground. Download Travello for free and start to make all your ideas come true.

5. Jobstart


Jobstart is a template for creating jobs without problems in a free directory website. It gives you a fresh feel, which will impress you and all your guests. You can now create a platform to link these two organizations and offer new gigs to businesses and candidates.

Because the model is based on Bootstrap, the app works beautifully on phone, desktop, and tablet devices. Also, for search engines and high-performance Jobstart is optimized.

Ensure an unforgettable experience and help the vulnerable. Upgrade your page with a parallax backdrop and animation, build user satisfaction with interviews, and start writing a blog on a more personal level. With the great Jobstart, all this and more is possible.

6. Educature


We give you all a range of different resources in the set of our best free directory website templates that fit even the most sophisticated tastes. Furthermore, all of our models are fully customizable and user-friendly.

Educature has beautiful visual graphics that end up making it more fun and engaging to navigate the content. Addressability, sticky navigation, loading of content of the scrolls, and unique back to the top key are other central aspects available in this template. Move your classes into lovely interiors and start writing a blog too. Render the platform into unimaginable levels through an exciting and unforgettable experience.

To launch an online course platform like Australian Master, Educature is the best directory to start. Educature can encourage interest in every visitor and possible new student with a colorful, fame-grabbing model.

7. Jobfinder


Jobfinder, as its name suggests, is a free website model of directories for people to look for their dream jobs. They may now set up a whole Web platform to list most of the posts they need and connect employers to employees.

The design is accessible, complete, and ready to be used in the way you like. The default settings can be used, or additional measures can be taken and changed according to your requirements. Many of the options are yours, and you can create a big difference.

You have everything at your fingertips from a parallax effect and advanced online search tool to complicated browsing, the latest and featured work, video support, and a multi-level download list.

8. Comport


Job listing sites are super popular, and there seem to be so many to choose from. You can do that without effort by using an efficient and logical attitude if you want to establish your own. You may create specific job listings or a severe form, which covers all industries or most of them. Irrespective of your proposal, Comport makes an outstanding end product that will make things better.

Comport has a simple, minimal, and light look that ensures a smooth and seamless job experience. Let the customers navigate through class, position, and keywords so that they can find the right job for as long as necessary. You can also receive their messages by letting them subscribe to the newsletter and regularly send them new offers.

9. Jobportal


For all kinds of purposes, online directories are one of the most popular job portals. Right now, you can start your own business by downloading a free Jobportal directory web template. You can build a website with a ready-to-use template to put you up quickly. We wouldn’t want any interruptions, or other breaks as users look for their ideal job.

You can secure work-seekers to search for the right employer irrespective of the phone and platform, using a mobile-friendly and loading speed-optimized website that you are planning with Jobportal. Don’t waste time and use the device to see a dream come true. Jobportal makes you durable right from the start to achieve success.

10. Homespace


Are you an immobilization company or an operator looking for a way to move assets further? Then this free directory template is the perfect choice for you. Homespace allows you to display homes and apartments and other properties professionally.

You can set up a website you want to run with all its functionality and ready-made templates. Homespace has all the material you wish, and you are just one google search away. Various Homespace capabilities make it a particular site template that is needed.

Also, all the new internet developments and software legislation are completely coordinated, easy to use, and enforced. Also, Homespace is a template of Bootstrap, which makes it open, versatile, SEO-compatible, and easy to browse.

11. Listing


Although the listing is a free and easy directory template, it does not automatically mean that the performance and efficiency are bad or weak. You get far more premium features than you ever expected with a free template.

The product is suitable for all kinds of websites such as hotels, airlines, festivals, restaurants, and so on. For optimal searches, the layout of a listing template looks professional and comfortable. It enables customers to search all listings and apply them to your quickly and smoothly-growing website.

However, you can extend your website with a blog section for content marketing by using the directory website-building tool. You can do so much with a simple template, so be sure that you benefit from it.

12. JobListing


If you are looking to find the right jobs and events for visitors, JobListing is the ideal template for you. It has a sleek and stylish interface that ensures a high level of experience for users. A free version of JobListing Bootstrap HTML5 is also available as a premium template Great option if you want to test the entire listing game.

Of course, a fully-functioning and qualified website will still draw jobseekers. The excellent design template for this career website covers all categories in the industry and is designed for other sectors.

You can easily adjust and have a different look with simple customization. Numerous available internal pages, multiple homepages, flat and material layout variations, and even premium extensions are critical features of the JobListing model.

13. Dorne


Dorne is an excellent directory template that can easily let you start up the website. Even if you’re using it as a hotel, restaurant, tour, or shopping list, Dorne is here to guide you accurately. Naturally, a generic directory web template that covers several areas and offers can also be developed. Pick your track and get online with this smashing tool Dorne.

Dorne is portable mobile-friendly, in line with retinas and modern Web screens, like all the other products in this blog. It features a lovely layout and other internal pages that complete the construction of your website even more quickly. Dorne has everything from a sticky and transparent navigation bar, entertainment, and cool search function to social media icons.

14. Listed


This website template is for travel websites are a free listing and directory template. You can also adopt, customize, and use Listed for a whole different niche, of course. With enough options, the listed is sufficiently powerful to suit almost any sector in which you are performing.

The template will allow you to quickly and easily build a highly recommended online presence. It’s a perfect way to meet professional standards and avoid making your website from scratch. The listed offers the right parallax context, hover effects, simple search tools, rich footers of widgets, and a blogging zone.

You will not need to construct a communication or comment section by yourself as the listed has it is included in the package. Listed is the perfect solution for a travel directory you shouldn’t miss–and it is safe.

15. GeoDirectory


GeoDirectory has a slightly different character than the other options in this WordPress directory. This is because the directory feature is not included in the theme but is available instead as a plugin.

So you can use any subject you want to create your website for directory listings, but can still access all the great features included with most of the themes. Furthermore, if you are looking for a suitable theme, there is also a GeoDirectory theme for this plugin. This is an ideal match.

Still not satisfied?

Though the above-mentioned themes are all eye-catching and pretty amazing, it is possible that they are not what you are looking for. If that is the case, then you can always start from scratch. This is one of the primary reasons why WordPress is a massive hit among bloggers and freelancers.

While conducting interviews with the people who’re contributing towards WordPress, we came across Jamie Brown, executive manager of Assignment Assistancewho gave us an insight into why WordPress is such a huge success.

He said, “It’s not the time to get into debates regarding code, specific solutions, or minute details. It’s about trying to make them feel satisfied, noticed, and comprehended while inspiring confidence in them. You need to show them you’re excited about their project, and that’s what WordPress does.”


Beginning its journey as a blogging tool, WordPress has become a versatile Website Manager and a powerful Content Management System (CMS) over the years. The smartest thing about WordPress is that it is simple, relatively handy, and easy enough to make various types of websites. In the world of WordPress, much is happening every day. According to a recent survey, WordPress has so far gained access to 32.3 percent of websites on the Internet.

Chris William, a research analyst of Crowd Writer, said while addressing the youth at Words Camp, “Create a link through which your dream products can be marketed. Depending on what you want to know, create your blog or website. Post all your experiences through these media outlets.”