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Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design

in Technology on May 8, 2019

Are you confused with the title? Maybe. The reason, is you understand the meaning of artificial intelligence and graphic design. And as you know, AI is a software application specially designed for replacing simple manual jobs done by humans. And graphic design, the word reminds you of the best images and designs. Now how can a connection be established between AI and design? Interested? Fine, since you are our loyal reader, let us focus on the impact of artificial intelligence in graphic design.

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For a graphic designer, the title may look so scary. And we agree. The reason, AI is connected with automation. And at present, every innovation company is doing extensive research on the automation processes in all industries and sectors. There are hot topic conversations going on in companies which are reputed in graphic designs. But yes, although there may not be replacement of jobs, AI, machine learning, virtual reality and augmented reality are definitely going to change the very landscape of graphic design.

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What Is The Truth?

In reality, artificial intelligence can be a graphic designer’s best friend. And the truth is that AI will not replace human designers, because the tasks to be completed are very tough. So, the graphics professional should think of AI as a new platform which can help him/her give the best result. AI can be used to speed up projects.

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Shall we demonstrate with an example?

Let us imagine you are a reputed graphic designer in Hyderabad. You work as a freelancer for a start-up which provides qualified technicians for AC repair services in Pune at the customer’s doorstep. Now, imagine you also have clients in other sectors. And your job involves making ready the banners and posters for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

You receive various suggestions for banners from many companies. It is difficult to arrange all the suggestions in proper order. But with an AI tool, you can analyze the vast amount of data and then decide on the design of images.

On the other hand, the digital marketing team of every company is also dependent on AI algorithms to design an image. They take account of the banners and posters which have got the maximum engagement/interaction. Thus, future images contain most of the designs liked by customers.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design

There are many images that may be difficult to design. In this situation, the graphic designer can take help of AI to create difficult images.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

These are the new technologies which are creating quite a buzz today. And shall we look at the descriptions?

  • Virtual Reality – In very short words, virtual reality is an imitation of the real world designed in an artificial way by software programs.
  • Augmented reality – This new technology gives an experience to the customer of the real environment but with computer-aided design.

In both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, AI is used on a large scale.

Okay, let us halt for two minutes. Are you feeling that the article is going round and round without focusing on the prime topic of artificial intelligence in graphic design? Please note, that we needed to give these points to go to the next round. From the next line, the points will be to the dot.

Artificial Intelligence in Design

When it comes to AI in graphic design, do not assume that you can get the new technology in pure form. The reason, AI has many sub-branches such as machine learning to complete web development and design tasks. In recent days, the term for AI in graphic design is ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence. If the perfect AI software algorithm is found, then it can design websites without human assistance.

It is not that this new technology has been found and implemented all of a sudden. The development was around for a decade. For a moment, just look around yourself. How many website platforms exist by which you can create your own website? Are they many? The best example you can give is Wix, Weebly and more. Yes, you may not get the best designs and themes, but they are already a hit in the market.

  • The developers who are in the process of automating graphic design with AI claim the following benefits.
  • The new tool will never make you miss the scheduled deadline
  • You can select the best combination of text, images, and layouts for your website or graphic image.

The new AI tool for graphic design can give the best options for selection and customization.
Okay, everything said and done. But at present, what is the quality of images and websites built with AI graphic design tools? Not very favorable. They are still in the initial stages. As per the users, they have challenges such as –

  • The content is not properly organized.
  • The code is not properly arranged.
  • You get a haphazard arrangement of designs. You may have to work out a bit to do the real image.

We hope that the last three sentences have made the graphic designers breathe a sigh of relief. Until five years, no machine or software algorithm is going to replace their jobs.

So, what is the future of Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design?

Let us look into the benefits.

1. Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design

The AI-based tools can reduce the time of the graphic designer in doing manual jobs. There are times, the designer may have to do simple tasks such as updating of records, checking the codes for a specific problem. For example, if an image or plug-in is not properly set, then you will have to check the internet or the knowledge tool for solving the problem. Whereas the AI can give the exact code to nullify the problem.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design – Chatbots

Chatbots are the order of the day in many e-commerce businesses. So, if you are a graphic designer accepting freelance work, you can understand the importance of chatbots.

Let us take a case study to make you understand. You are a freelance website designer for many companies in Hyderabad. Of late, you are working on the website design for a vendor who offers doorstep repair services of home appliances. He has tied up with the best company which offers AC repair services in Hyderabad.

Now he wants you to design posters and banners for his digital marketing team. Based on the previous posts, he gives a list of suggestions. He also has a customer service center to attend to his customer queries. He has implemented AI chatbots in his customer service operations.
Now chatbots can work in both ways. On one hand, it can answer the queries of a customer. It can also gather valuable inputs about the posters and banners which gain major likes and responses. So, your customer entrepreneur will gain information and then offer suggestions to design the posts and banners in a specific way or design.

Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design – Design Process

When you first read the topic of artificial intelligence in graphic design, you would have wondered how can a software application draw or create? And when it comes to logos, there are several challenges you may have to face as a graphic designer. But with AI algorithms combined with machine learning, you have many online logo design tools which can learn from every user.


Have you read the article on artificial intelligence in graphic design? Did you gain valuable information? There are many industries where AI has replaced some jobs, but when it comes to graphic design, you need to understand that technology can never be replaced by creativity.

The least, it can do, is automate manual tasks, give the best solution, and more. Let us keep a watch on the future about the developments of AI in graphic design.

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