Advantages of psychometric tests in recruitment

Advantages of psychometric tests in recruitment

in Technology on July 22, 2019

When it comes to the psychometric testing process, it is basically a traditional testing process which can pinpoint the compatibility in between a potential employee and a job opportunity. It is a testing process that can help the organization or a company to assess the suitability of an applicant and whether they are able to fit in a particular job role.

At present, there are a lot of big and small companies that are relying on this psychometric assessment test when it comes to the recruitment process. This is happening because; only a psychometric test can make this hiring process more job-specific so that the employers can make their decisions easily.

Here are the major benefits of a psychometric assessment which a company can get by conducting it.

• There are some scientifically reliable tests like Psyft personality assessment or PPA in this testing process which can improve the quality of the recruitment and the process of recruitment decision much better. They give the hiring managers some clear ideas so that they can make the right hiring decisions after getting the right information about all the applicants. This testing process can some very relevant information on how an applicant can handle all their work-related activities like performing consistently, working properly under pressure, working well with a team and trying to find effective solutions whenever there is an emergency situation in the work.

• These psychometric tests have evolved over the years and they have also become very sophisticated and so due to the advent of some new testing designs, this has now become very difficult for the candidates to play it fake when it comes to the test and the results. The psychometric tests have some latest designs and these tests always ensure the fact that when the candidate is taking the test can see not very apparent patterns and they are hence always forced to answer very honestly. If they try or put an effort to rig the assessment then it gets spotted quickly and then the integrity of the applicant becomes very questionable.

• The recruiters, who are using this psychometric test as a part of their hiring tool, they want the applicants to answer them truthfully so that it can reflect their honest personality. In fact, the applicants can also get benefitted from this as they also can get a very clear idea about their strong points and best interests. One does not feel comfortable doing a job which does not fit them or matches their personality.

• The recruiters can always go for the face to face interview but that has to be the final stage of a recruitment process. This thing is mainly done by the people who are at the top places in the company like the district heads and the functional heads. So, before reaching in front of them as a possible job-seeking candidate; there should be certain stages that an applicant needs to cross. So, they have to come across the basic screening process from where a large number of applicants is being narrowed down to a smaller list of applicants who are really suitable for the job profile. That is why; conducting a proper psychometric test helps a company to do that very basic screening of the applicants. Once the test is conducted and the result is out, it shows some very relevant things which spot the strength and the problem areas of every candidate and it makes the recruitment process much easier.

• The face to face interviews can be the most unstructured form of the recruitment process and they are actually not much valid when there is a proper screening process. Also, the people who are sitting at the top positions of the company who are supposed to do the face to face interview rounds can also make certain mistakes. This is because; selecting a new hire and that through an interview process may not be their expertise. That is why; conducting a proper psychometric test at the beginning level of recruitment can help the company a lot to survive the recruitment hurdle lightly.

• While sometimes it is very easy to verify the needed hard facts regarding the professional qualifications of an applicant; analyzing the softer elements of them like personality, motivation, and leadership skills can be a very difficult thing to understand and fathom. When a person is asked to analyze all these softer qualities, there can be preferences due to some personal bias and it can highly clash the process which is not needed. So, during the hiring process, the recruiter should always depend on a tool or a test program that is non-biased. A psychometric test can fit the bill properly here.

• It is a certain test which never focuses on unnecessary things like how the applicants look like. This psychometric test never cares about the race, gender, height, weight and sexual orientation of a candidate because these things never matter when one applies for a job role. With the help of a proper psychometric test, a recruiter can always pre-define the candidates who can be ideal for the job profile and then all the applicants can be compared to that structure of a candidate. A hiring manager thus can always easily focus on the efforts on those candidates who are able to match those criteria.

• It is true that many large organizations keep receiving hundreds of resumes every week. A proper psychometric test can always act as a very effective tool to select the proper ones from the thousands of applicants who are eager to get the job. By filtering out the irrelevant candidates who are not at all matched to the job profile they have applied for, these tests help to narrow down on the candidates who can actually fit the bill.

So, these are the basic things that one company can get when they conduct a good psychometric test as their recruitment tool. There is a better chance to get the right employees for the job then.

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