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    Phong Tran

    With Fino Pro, the web site looks great on a desktop browser. However, I’m seeing issues on mobile browsers:

    1. My header button is black text with a white background. However, on mobile, it’s blue on blue.
    2. My header section has white text on a blue background. On mobile, it’s black text on a blue background.
    3. The slider text and buttons are left-aligned instead of centered
    4. The Our Team Members looks great on the desktop, but I can only see the person’s title on mobile. If I select the text within, I can see the person’s name. However, the bullet points are all blank.
    5. The Stats section is very plain on mobile. There’s no icon, and the number is all by itself, with the description on the following line.

    Are these something that can be fixed? I love the appearance on desktop browsers, but I can’t use this theme if it doesn’t look good on phones.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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